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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM exhibits at InCosmetics in Milan: News in skin care, hair care, sun care - comprehensive new corporate identity

Kaiseraugst, CH, 03 Feb 2011 12:00 CET

DSM launches its new skin brightening ingredient REGU®-FADE at InCosmetics. REGU-FADE evens and brightens skin tone using pure, nature-identical resveratol. During a conference at the exhibition, the company will also present the latest scientific findings around stem cells for Skin Care, including novel approaches to increase their performance in cosmetics. In Hair Care, the new product range TILAMAR® with polymers and actives for styling and conditioning has introduced the most innovative polymers in the industry. In Sun Care, DSM confirms its established position, offering a high performing UVA and UVB filter portfolio combined with in-depth formulation know-how and technical support. At the most important European trade show of the cosmetics industries, DSM underscores once more its leadership in Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care. It also introduces in Milan a completely new appearance which for the first time shows the future Corporate Identity of DSM as the Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company.

The new skin brightener REGU-FADE has its global debut at InCosmetics 2011. Skin brightening is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. In Asia and Africa skin brighteners are widely used to make skin fairer. In Western countries, consumers want to diminish age spots, reduce excessive pigmentation and achieve an even skin tone. As a consequence, these markets are looking for increasingly efficient skin brighteners. At the same time, these actives must be absolutely safe for cosmetic use. REGU-FADE is both high-performing and safe – a ‘bright’ idea for beauty consumers around the world. It evens and brightens skin tone using pure, nature-identical resveratrol. Resveratrol is a known potent antioxidant found in red grapes and associated with various health benefits. REGU-FADE down regulates key steps of melanin biosynthesis in vitro, resulting in noticeably brighter, younger-looking skin. The new ingredient has proven its outstanding efficacy in human trials. Compared with the market benchmark, REGU-FADE has worked faster early on and reduced the production of melanin more efficiently throughout the studies. DSM scientists have been able to prove that REGU-FADE attenuates skin pigmentation via multiple mechanisms, from initial signaling, gene expression to melanin production and final melanosome transfer.

At a conference during InCosmetics, Dr. Mathias Gempeler, Head Skin Care, will update the scientific community on: 'Stem cells of the skin - novel approaches to increase their performance'. Human epidermal stem cells represent less than 1% of the basal keratinocytes population but they play a most important role in maintaining epidermal physiological function well into old age. Advanced by discussions on stem cell therapy, stem cells and their abilities became one of the hot topics in the personal care industry. As with many trends, there is high consumer expectation on what can be achieved. DSM’s scientific contribution will summarize the current understanding of mechanisms needed to ensure proliferation and functionality of epidermal stem cells, and propose highly active, selected ingredients to ensure epidermal function and to create additional room for innovative formulations.

After completing the Personal Care portfolio by entering the Hair Care market with TILAMAR in 2010, the global rollout to all regions has progressed as planned. TILAMAR offers worldwide the most innovative polymers in the industry, building on DSM’s more than 50 years know-how in polymer technology and its market and innovation leadership in different industries where polymers are state-of-the-art. The TILAMAR portfolio focuses on conditioning and styling polymers and on active ingredients which support actual hair care trends and consumer needs. One year after the launch of TILAMAR, the product range comprises six different ingredients focusing on conditioning, styling and shine. They round off the message 'Revolution in Hair Care - TILAMAR - most innovative polymers' while the global success of TILAMAR Fix A1000 has emerged as a first proof point and most innovative product in the market. Going forward, DSM will further on focus on innovative polymers for conditioning and styling plus active ingredients which support the upcoming hair care trends.

In Sun Care, DSM’s PARSOL® brand stands for a long history of innovative and high performing UV-A and UV-B filters. As an established provider, DSM offers a complete portfolio of UV-A and UV-B filters and related products like the AMPHISOL® emulsifier as well as formulation know-how and technical support. Profound Sun Care formulation and application are key for making a tangible value proposition to the consumers. Concepts such as the ‘high protection’ approach from DSM demonstrate how this can deliver new benefits to consumers such as lighter, less sticky end products combined with high UV protection, whilst at the same time offering efficiency savings by the optimized use of filters in the end product.

At this years’ InCosmetics, DSM will present the Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company in a completely new appearance. In a rapidly changing world, Royal DSM is committed to creating solutions with its partners, bringing healthy and excellent performing products to the lives of people today and for generations to come. “For the Personal Care Business Unit of DSM, the new branding is a great opportunity. It presents a company who has systematically transformed itself during the past decade into an icon of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences. Our new brand identity fits the world of beauty and cosmetics exceptionally well. We believe that this comprehensive renewal shows that we are strongly committed to this industry and truly understand it and our customers,” says Ilona Haaijer, Sr. Vice President Personal Care.