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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM unlocks benefits of argan oil for personal care market

Kaiseraugst, CH, 29 Apr 2011 12:00 CEST

DSM Nutritional Products is leading the way in unlocking the natural benefits of ARGAN OIL for Personal Care manufacturers.

For centuries, the indigenous people of Morocco have valued the health-enhancing properties of oil from the Argan tree for skin, hair and nail care, as well as for use in cooking. Respecting traditional methods of harvesting and pressing and using 100% natural fruits ensures product purity and process sustainability. DSM is supplying this valuable substance in 100% pure form for skin and hair care applications. By virtue of a unique manufacturing process ― deodorization ― virgin ARGAN OIL from DSM is highly stable and its naturally strong odor and color neutralized, making it suitable for a wide variety of formulations.

ARGAN OIL is a natural powerhouse of health-enhancing substances, including antioxidants, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It restores the skin’s lipid layer, increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cell, neutralizes free radicals, and protects connective tissue. It thus defends the skin against premature aging and UV exposure. This makes ARGAN OIL ideal for claims related to soothing and reducing visible signs of aging. The natural shine enhancer ARGAN OIL is also ideal for hair care due to its flawless light reflection and ability to provide extra shine without leaving the hair greasy. Its high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants help maintain healthy looking hair, and provide extra care for dry, brittle and older hair.

DSM Nutritional Products has been making ARGAN OIL available for skin care applications for two years, and for hair care applications for the past year. Argan oil is already used as a key ingredient in the DSM products STIMU-TEX® AS, the botanical answer to irritated and sensitive skin, and in REGU®-SEB, which controls sebum production and improves the skin’s appearance.

Markus Schulte, Global Marketing Manager Skin Care, DSM Nutritional Products, comments: “Increasing the availability of ARGAN OIL to the Personal Care sector is another example of our commitment to meeting unmet customer needs. There is a strong consumer trend in favor of natural, health-enhancing substances that are produced in a sustainable way and offered in a wide range of applications. ARGAN OIL from DSM answers this trend perfectly.”