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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM Personal Care invites its customers to experiment in hair styling with its multi-functional polymer, TILAMAR® Fix A140

Kaiseraugst, CH, 07 Jan 2015 12:00 CET

Strong consumer desire for more diverse styling products has been at the foundation of recent DSM Personal Care research and development work on TILAMAR® Fix A140. In addition to its aerosol and spray applications, TILAMAR Fix A140 now enables hair formulators to create diverse styling products such as, mousses, waxes, creams, and fluids. Thanks to the new manufacturing process, this multifunctional polymer now does not contain any preservatives.
DSM’s Beauty Box “What’s your hair mood today?"

According to market size estimates, hairspray product forms still dominate the hair styling market but diversification is growing. Styling products such as creams and waxes resonate well with the consumers who seek trendy and versatile solutions helping them to get the right look, effortlessly.

DSM’s TILAMAR Fix A140 is an innovative styling polymer which makes the formulation of different styling products – including aerosols, sprays, clear waxes, mousses, and other diverse styling forms – possible with just one polymer. TILAMAR Fix A140 provides ultimate bending stiffness and is ahead of competitive benchmarks with up to 41% higher breaking work for hold and 46% higher repeated breaking work linked to elasticity. In sprays TILAMAR Fix A140 has also demonstrated its fast drying properties without stickiness. The product also proved to deliver high performance in the presence of water, essential for pump spray applications, demonstrating its multi-functionality.

Thanks to a closed production system, high-tech packaging with zoning and laminar flow facility and the implementation of HACCP* (Hazard Analysis and Critical Points) in the manufacturing process, DSM is now able to provide its customers with a new version of TILAMAR Fix A140 without preservative.

To showcase DSM’s deep understanding of consumer needs and desires, the business unit invites its customers to experiment in formulating with TILAMAR Fix A140 for themselves. Customers will be presented with DSM’s Beauty Box “What’s your hair mood today?” - a new interactive toolkit that displays nine different styling product formulations together with the hairdresser tutorials and formulation tips. It offers the possibility to choose a hair look according to one’s mood thanks to a wide range of new styling product forms such as: “Curl Sealing Mousse” for wavy hair style, “Crystal Clear Styling Wax” for trendy hair shine and many others.

Melanie Waeckel, Global Marketing Manager Hair Care at DSM, comments: “At DSM, we believe that beautiful hair complements a person’s appearance. We always strive to deliver dedicated hair products that can turn a “bad hair day” into a good one with ease, because when you look good, you feel good. To showcase DSM’s deep understanding of consumer needs and desires we developed a new Beauty Box “What’s your hair mood today?” It is a perfect solution for those who want to experiment with their hair and express their personality through a hair style.”