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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM Personal Care launches new peptide-based complex SYN®-EYE for beautiful eyes

Kaiseraugst, CH, 18 Nov 2015 12:00 CET

DSM Personal Care announces the launch of its new multifunctional anti-ageing peptide complex, SYN®-EYE. This innovative product further extends DSM’s SYN®-Peptides product range, in response to consumers’ desire to have lineless eyes.
DSM's new peptide-based complex SYN®-EYE for beautiful eyes

Eye care products are the second best-selling product form in the facial skin care market, after face care creams. According to market estimates, the eye care market has grown by 300% in the last decade (Source: Mintel, 2014) driven by increased consumer demand for fast-acting, reliable eye care products.

Lineless eyes within 7 days

Building on its longstanding experience in facial products designed to help maintain a youthful appearance, DSM now introduces a 4-in-1 complex for eye care. SYN-EYE combines the latest DSM SYN-Peptide technology with superior bioactives in a multifunctional product aimed at meeting the consumer’s high expectations for eye care. A clinical study carried out over 30 days on a group of 30 volunteers demonstrated fast and visible results. Within only 7 days, SYN-EYE visibly reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye. After only 14 days, the skin around the eye contour was visibly brighter. SYN-EYE helped to improve skin texture, making the delicate skin around the eye look smoother. Apart from the outstanding visible results, the clinical study has shown very high consumer acceptance in all key aspects of eye care.

Dr. Mathias Gempeler, Head of Marketing Skin Care at DSM, comments: “Peptide competence is instrumental for DSM Personal Care in developing breakthrough innovations and fuelling the growth of the skin care sector. I’m extremely proud to announce this new addition to our leading SYN-Peptides range. As multi-functionality remains one of the hot topics in skin care, I feel particularly pleased that we can deliver on this significant consumer trend with our key technology, offering a multi-benefit product that acts fast on the skin.”

All ingredients contained in SYN-EYE is are listed in the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China  (IECIC), alongside the peptides contained in SYN-COLL, SYN-AKE and SYN-HYCAN peptides, indexed earlier.