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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

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The PARSOL® portfolio for sun and day care products delivers the power of UV protection. More>


Organic, natural, and sustainably produced ingredients - clearly labeled for consumer confidence. More>

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Our QUALI® vitamins help provide skin protection, lightening and other cosmetic benefits. More>

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Our AMPHISOL® portfolio provides emulsification power and excellent skin benefits. More>

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Our SYN®-Peptides reveal the power of visible, targeted effects. More> 

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Our ALPAFLOR® products reveals the power of organic Alpine bioactives for naturally beautiful skin. More> 


The new range of sensory and visual modifiers providing instant skin sensations and impressions. More>

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TILAMAR® is a unique family of products for hair spraying and styling. More>

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Our portfolio of skin bioactives reveals the power of ultimate skin appearance and sensation. More>