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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Natural ingredients from DSM

Understanding natural ingredients has just become naturally easier

Consumer feedback on DSM’s social media confirms what we long suspected: as consumer interest in natural products and environmental sustainability grows, so does the demand for easily understandable, reliable information on the origins of products and reassurance that brands are not just “greenwashing”.
Natural and organic, naturally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients.

DSM is committed to both working in harmony with nature and providing transparent product information. Our newly implemented labeling system clusters our broad range of 55 natural ingredients according to their origin and clearly identifies which group of DSM Naturals they belong to.

DSM – reassuringly natural

Did you know that as well as being pioneers in the organic beauty market, DSM offers a wide-ranging portfolio of 55 natural ingredients certified at various levels from Organic to ISO 16128? This House of Naturals originates from edible vegetables, herbs, oils, milk, silk or marine algae.  Some are extracted from natural botanical sources while others are produced sustainably using biotechnology.

Because the current plethora of labels and certifications for natural products can be confusing, we have designed our own simple system to clarify what “natural” means at DSM.

Certified Organic Ingredients

All our natural ingredients are now marked clearly with one of these three labels, offering our customers a great opportunity to provide reassurance about green beauty claims in addition to communicating environmental responsibility.