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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Natural Origin Product range

DSM’s Natural Origin label follows the criteria set out in ISO 16128 which was introduced in September 2017. The standard comprises guidelines on definitions for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and offers a framework to determine the natural content of ingredients as well as formulations. According to ISO 16128, to receive a natural origin rating the natural part of an ingredient must be greater than 50%.
Natural Origin Product range
BEAUACTIVE®: Corrects both conspicuous facial pores and age spots

BEAUACTIVE®: Corrects both conspicuous facial pores and age spots

Most people looking for beautiful skin think first of eliminating lines and wrinkles. But other concerns, such as conspicuous facial pores and age spots, may be equally troubling. These arise after the age of 30 and are mainly caused by the aging process, exacerbated by sun damage. DSM is addressing these concerns with BEAUACTIVE®, a potent Hydroxystearic acid of high purity which is manufactured using green technology. DSM researchers discovered that, in vitro, BEAUACTIVE® activates the master cell regulator PPARα which triggers multi-target effects for better skin. More>


PEPHA®-AGE: Stimulates skin’s own defense against sunlight

Sun irritation is considered as being potentially the largest contributor to skin ageing. The need of using sun filters (PARSOL®) is generally accepted, however there is still a lack of attention on biological processes ongoing in skin after light exposure that goes beyond UV light only. At the same time there is increasing demand for natural, sustainable ingredients with proven performance.

Specialized in the development and manufacturing of active ingredients from natural origin, DSM researchers have identified, for the first time, the potential of the freshwater algae Scenedesmus rubecens to stimulate skin’s own defense against the negative impact of sunlight. More>

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ELHIBIN® PF: Retains youthful skin elasticity

ELHIBIN® PF is a bioactive that counteracts the damaging effects of elastase - helping to promote youthful elastic skin conditions and combat the ageing process. ELHIBIN PF is a carefully purified soy protein complex that inhibits leukocyte elastase activity and thus protects elastic fibers in the papillary dermis. More>

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PEPHA®-TIGHT: Choose the fast lane to superior skin tightening

PEPHA®-TIGHT is a unique, natural and fast acting ingredient that instantly firms and tightens the skin at least for four hours. Thanks to a unique fermentation process that happens inside photo-bioreactors, PEPHA®-TIGHT guarantees a high, standardized level of active component for optimum performance. More>

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REVITALIN® PF: Outsmarts skin’s internal clock for youthful, glowing skin

Putting the energy and life back into skin is essential, which is where our REVITALIN® PF bioactive can deliver real benefits by boosting the skin's oxygen content and consumption to help provide energized, revitalized skin that looks and feels good. More>

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REGU®-AGE PF: Visibly reduces dark circle and eye puffiness

REGU®-AGE PF is a bioactive that protects the delicate skin around the eyes and visibly reduces the look of dark circle and eye puffiness. In fact clinical studies confirm an improvement in the skin texture of 30%-plus in just four weeks. The product is a combination of carefully purified natural soy, rice peptides, and biotechnologically manufactured superoxide dismutase. More>

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PARSOL® TX: The inorganic UV filter with best formulation compatibility

PARSOL® TX (INCI name: Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Dimethicone), fully compliant with all global regulations, particularly the latest European update that is published as SCCS opinions of titanium dioxide. It's an inorganic UV filter providing a very good SPF boost as well as a significant contribution to the UVA protection. More>


VALVANCE™ Touch 250: Instantly glimmer

In a fast-paced world, consumers expect that everything goes quick and perfect.

And cosmetic products are no exception: 66% of consumers judge important to have an immediate effect on the appearance of their skin (DSM survey conducted with 468 consumers). Cosmetics have to deliver instant effects and strong benefits to consumers while offering pleasant textures and maximized comfort. For Personal Care companies proposing such products is the guaranty to boost consumers’ loyalty in matching their promise with what their formulations really deliver.

DSM is entering the field of color cosmetics with its newcomer in the VALVANCE™ range: VALVANCE™ Touch 250. More>