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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

PARSOL® 1789

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The original global standard for UVA protection

PARSOL® 1789 is a very strong and efficient UV-A absorber for sunscreens, day care products and various other applications: It enables broadband protection when combined with effective UV-B filters - and can also boost SPF values. PARSOL® 1789 is an oil-soluble, white-to-pale yellow powder that must be completely solubilized in formulations. It works with a range of solubilizers including the UV-B filters PARSOL® 340, PARSOL® EHS, PARSOL® MCX, and many emollients; PARSOL® 1789 should be photostabilized with PARSOL® 340 or another photostabilizer. This product is approved worldwide in various concentrations.