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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients



From max in UV to blue light

This photostable UV filter delivers outstanding performance that breaks through the boundaries of UVB and UVA to continue into the blue light spectrum.

Available as a ready-to-use dispersion which can be simply added into the water phase or at the end of the emulsion process, PARSOL® Max can be easily combined with all UV filters, in particular others from the PARSOL® portfolio.

Its compatibility with micro-pigments like PARSOL® TX has recently been improved thanks to investments in new research. It goes without saying that this filter meets the highest safety and quality requirements. But it also offers additional consumer benefits: for example a snow-white cream that doesn’t leave skin looking white. As with all PARSOL® ingredients, PARSOL® Max is backed by an incomparable level of customer support including in-depth understanding of consumer expectations, expertise in sensory analysis, applications support, a reliable global supply chain, and registration support that includes consultancy on REACH and Chinese regulations.

Hence PARSOL® Max offers the broadest protection currently available – including protection from blue light – and opens the way for innovative concepts combining ease of use for our customers with maximum consumer benefits.