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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients


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One-for-all with improved long term stability

Cosmetics manufacturers value ‘one-for-all’ solutions for personal care products, and their users like rinse-off products with a white, creamy and nourishing texture. TILAMAR® OP 40 delivers on both as an opacified formulation with a creamy texture; nourishing body structure and improving color effects in a ‘one-for-all’ solution.

The opacifier is a water based emulsion copolymer of styrene and methacrylic acid that is easy to dropped into a formulation. It now offers better long-term stability, in particular with challenging product formulations such as high salt concentrations, in the presence of cationic and anionic ingredients or low viscosity systems.

We would like to help you make TILAMAR® OP 40 the most convenient solution ever for all your rinse-off products with a creamy and nourishing texture.