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DSM in Personal Care

Demystifying the green beauty trend


The demand for natural products is growing within the beauty and personal care industry. Research has found that natural ingredients and green credentials are now a priority for many facial skincare users, particularly in younger age brackets. More>

The skin microbiome – a new hot topic


We know that maintaining balance in the gut microbiome contributes to overall wellness, including skin health, but does the skin’s own unique ecosystem also have an impact on its appearance and feel?  More>

Maintaining beauty in times of stress


As an industry we really want to support in streamlining daily routines with a number of products designed to support consumers looking to ease their stress, whether at home or on the go. More>

Feel as good as you look!


Hybrid make-up products with holistic benefits enhance consumers’ sense of wellbeing and boost brand loyalty. More>

2018: Where will it take you?


Hit the ground running in 2018 with products attuned to the latest consumer trends. Here’s what people were looking at and downloading in 2017 – an indication of where our industry is heading next. More>

The concept of halal in the context of beauty


When it comes to cosmetics, many Muslim women and men are looking for products that respect their faith – both in their effects and in how they are made. More>

Building Trust through Transparency


Recently, fueled by confusing and contradictory messages from politicians and “experts”, a wave of distrust has blown across the world. More>

As you like it


Novel hair care concepts allow consumers to mix and match their hair care and customize products to meet individual needs. More>

Dare to Change


Hair is a key part of a person’s image, so change can be a daunting prospect. More>

Green Chemistry


Satisfying the demand for environmentally friendly ingredients. More>

Be Yourself


More and more women reject imposed ideals of beauty and embrace their natural hair type - so the demand for gentler, more convenient products is increasing. More>

Double Duty - too good to be true?


Introducing the next hot thing in skin care. More>

Skincare for the over 30s


Anti-aging skincare – how and when to start? More>

Detox your hair: Reset, revitalize, replenish


The new Hair Detox concept that resonates emotionally with consumers and creates opportunities for hair care brands. More>

Taking action on pollution


Active is good, pro-active is better. More>

Blue light


DSM protects your skin from blue light damage, indoors and outdoors. More>

Hydration: A rich space for innovation


Holistic hydration is a two-way process with multiple benefits. More>

Ethnic diversity


The world is changing, and so is your consumer. More>

Male grooming


The growth of male grooming. More>

Scalp Protection for Men


DSM’s novel SPF 30 men hair care formulating concept: protect scalp from sun damage without compromising on style. More>

CC Cream


DSM’s CC formulations that combine reliable, versatile sun protection ingredients from our PARSOL® range with highly effective skin care. More>



The shift towards a “less is more” philosophy. More>

Skin Glow


DSM’s Skin Glow Day & Night concept blends a variety of multifunctional ingredients to maximize the power of skin beauty. More>

In-shower body moisturizer


Our multifunctional body care formulation that offers instant skin comfort while locking in moisture for 72 hours. More>