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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

2018: Where will it take you?

Hit the ground running in 2018 with products attuned to the latest consumer trends. Here’s what people were looking at and downloading in 2017 – an indication of where our industry is heading next.

Two of the top trends in 2017

Blue light concept overview


In first place we have Blue Light. With consumers increasingly aware of the risks associated with blue light from sunlight and screens, expect to see the shelves fill with products for indoor and outdoor protection this year. Download>

Teaser anti-pollution concept


The effect on skin of urban pollution and environmental stress is a growing concern. Consumers are looking for proactive protection – for example from an anti-pollution BB cushion. Download>

Our top three formulation downloads in 2017

Advanced Eye Perfection Cream


Our eyes are maybe the defining feature of our face. So high on the list of consumer demands is a product that banishes signs of aging in this area. DSM’s SYN®-EYE delivers fast, effective anti-aging care for the eye contour. Download>

Plump up the Volume Anti-ageing Serum Formulation


Skin aging in general continues to be a major concern. Previously often overlooked but now increasingly in focus are the neck and décolleté. SYN®-Peptides help to reduce sagging in this area by boosting skin’s hyaluronan content for a visibly remodeled effect. Download>

Anti-Frizz Shampoo Formulation


A growing trend for more natural-looking hair means the search is on for gentle yet effective hair care products. DSM’s TILAMAR range of polymers delivers outstanding performance for a sleek, natural look with reduced frizz. Download>

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