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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

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Novel hair care concepts allow consumers to mix and match their hair care and customize products to meet individual needs.

It’s all change in the hair care sector

All over the world people are taking control of their own image and resisting pressure to conform to preconceived notions of beauty. Nowhere is this trend stronger than in hair care. In South America we are seeing feminist and Afro movements that reject the pressure to straighten hair, while in Europe women want the ability to change their look according to their mood. In the UK, for example, 25% of consumers would like products with formulas tailored to their personal hair type or color.1


Taking control

Products that can be mixed and matched at home empower the consumer and allow for previously unimaginable spontaneity, adding excitement and creativity to beauty routines. Today, with the Internet at one’s fingertips, there’s plenty of guidance available and women can become experts in their own hair care.

But experimenting with the hair still requires courage. It also demands products able to deliver the desired look without detrimental effects on hair condition. And since not everyone has the space to set up a hair salon in their own bathroom, such products must also be multifunctional.

Consumers call the shots!

DSM’s Mix and Match Shampoo is a perfect example of a formulation designed to help consumers achieve autonomy. The rich, creamy, basic shampoo leaves hair soft and combable and can be mixed with a couple of shots. No, not vodka. Our shots are designed to meet the hair’s needs at that moment. This could mean a Moisture Boost with PENTAVITIN®, a Protection Boost with our organic ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS, a Strength Boost with Panthenol, or a Smoothness Boost with SERICIN.

Or maybe a hairstyle demands more volume but should still look soft and silky. DSM’s Crazy Volume shampoo with added TILAMAR® Quat 2240, TILAMAR® Quat 710 and PENTAVITIN® cranks up the volume while soothing the scalp. It leaves hair feeling full yet weightless, strong yet soft.

And for a really fun time there’s always Crazy Fiber Gum! The creamy, opaque formulation with TILAMAR® OP 40, vitamins, Argan oil and PARSOL® MCX for color protection energizes hair and allows it to be crafted into any wild shape – just add fantasy.

Contact us or go to the DSM Personal Care website for more ingredients, formulations and ideas on mixing and matching.

1 MINTEL ‘The Future of Haircare 2017’ study