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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Dare to Change

Hair is a key part of a person’s image, so change can be a daunting prospect

There's a reason why the phrase “bad hair day” has become shorthand for a day when nothing seems to go right. Hair reflects how we feel about ourselves and how we want others to see us.

DSM's European Hair Study1 found that women often change their hairstyle when facing major life changes. A special event can also be an incentive to overhaul one’s look, as can the realization that the hair is looking tired and listless and needs a revamp.


Throwing off the shackles of routine

The DSM study revealed that changing one’s look is generally seen as a positive, yet only a third of the women in the survey regularly mixed their hairstyles while 64% said they wished they were more experimental. So what's holding them back? Change can be daunting and people tend to stick to what they know to hold onto a feeling of control.

Conversely, going for a new style is an opportunity to express creativity and mood. It can provide a confidence boost – and with the right support it can be fun.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

As manufacturers of hair care ingredients and products, we are uniquely positioned to take the fear out of experimenting with hair and to empower women to get creative and show the world who they truly are.

Our research found that discovering a new, appealing product often provides the impetus to try something different. New hair needs testers and samples, in particular, appear to offer an inducement and opportunity to experiment.

Find out how our new TILAMAR® polymer range and formulation concepts provide both reassurance and inspiration, striking an ideal balance between reliability and freedom.

1 DSM European Hair Study, 2015. The survey was based on one-to-one interviews with 1018 women from the UK (n=201), France (n=206), Italy (n=208), Germany (n=201) and Spain (n=2020.