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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Reset, revitalize, replenish

The new Hair Detox concept that resonates emotionally with consumers and creates opportunities for hair care brands

Our community of beauty bloggers, The Beauty Connection, often reminds us that genuine beauty is linked to a healthy-looking appearance – and hair is no exception. So it makes sense to detox your hair just as you detox your body and your skin. Our bloggers report that detoxed hair feels lighter and has more volume.


A fresh start for your hair is a fresh start for you

A survey previously conducted by DSM among European women revealed that hair care is closely linked to emotional wellbeing. Hair says a lot about who we are and how we’re feeling. So caring for our hair shows we care about ourselves. Taking time out to enjoy the hair care process, choosing products and mixing ingredients, readies you for a new hair life cycle. Where will it take you?

Reset →

Stripping away accumulated chemicals and grime lets the hair breathe. But this should be a gentle process, soothing as well as effective. It should support the hair to recover its natural loveliness. After all, too often hair is exposed to harsh treatments and artificial environments. 

Revitalize →

Holistic hair starts with the scalp, because hair and scalp form an ecosystem. A successful detox gives the scalp the kind of care usually reserved for the face. As one blogger put it: “Isn’t my scalp just an extension of my face?”

Replenish →

Nourishes hair and gives it a protective barrier to extend the benefits of the detox. 

What does it take?

DSM offers all the ingredients required for the perfect hair detox, plus some innovative formulations to inspire our customers, like our Rescue Calm Shampoo. Our hair care formulations integrate ingredients from our Sun and Skin Care portfolios to enhance the experience of caring for your hair, your scalp and yourself.