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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Double duty - too good to be true?

Introducing the next hot thing in skin care


Skin is a living organ with complex needs that change not only as we mature, but also from day to day. Feedback from our blogger community, The Beauty Connection, recently revealed that many consumers grapple with fluctuating and even conflicting skin care needs. There is therefore clearly a demand for customizable products with the flexibility to adapt to current skin requirements and the capacity to meet divergent needs.


Hence a skin care product designed to prevent signs of aging could also offer skin brightening and evenness of tone. Moving beyond the dry vs oily dichotomy products could combine hydration and oil control, with the user able to dial up or dial down one or the other function, depending on the immediate need. Ideally, such products would leverage the skin’s own synergies to reinforce efficiency and improve skin health overall.

Too good to be true?

Again and again our bloggers tell us they want to know how their products work and are not ready to accept claims without substantiation. This is doubly true of dual action products. Not only must the claims for them be substantiated, the added value of the duality must be apparent and the link between the two actions recognizable.

This applies especially when a single ingredient claims two distinct benefits, as in the case of DSM’s BEAUACTIVE®.

Dual action ingredient does double duty

This one ingredient has the ability to improve skin appearance on two important criteria relevant to skin after the age of 30: conspicuous facial pore and age spot. BEAUACTIVE® comes with full scientific substantiation.

Definitely a hard-working ingredient with much to offer!

Contact us to find out about other ingredients that offer synergistic benefits or address conflicting needs and how they could help you meet emerging consumer desires.