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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

We are ready to go to this year’s in-cosmetics global in Paris!

Besides our booth G60, and the famous DSM Happy Hour on April 2nd and April 3rd from 04.00 – 06.00pm you can meet us at several activities during the show. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Formulation lab

April 3rd | 13:30–14.30

Pump up the volume with TILAMAR® Boost 150 in a sulfate-free shampoo mousse! Speaker: Mathilde Delaune, Formulation Expert

Did you know that volume is one of the TOP desired benefits in
haircare – and one of the most complicated to achieve, especially together with care properties?

Based on more than 50 years expertise in material science, out of 500 trials, we were able to identify a unique hyper-branched polymer, TILAMAR® Boost 150, to fill this gap by offering both incredible volume and care properties.

Join us to learn how to easily formulate this innovative polymer in an appealing sulfate-fee shampoo mousse. You will prepare a clear formulation which transforms into a mousse and discover how a lamellar structure will transform to a hexagonal structure on the hair, while drying, to create the volume.

Limited space available, so secure your seat now 

Sustainability Corner

April 3rd | 11:00–11:30

Discover the value of farm-to-face beauty with alpine bioactives
Speakers: Laurence Combemale, Sustainability Ambassador Personal Care & Aroma
and Francois Paul, Global Marketing Manager and Site Manager

Grown ethically, grown locally… every Alpine plant in DSM’s ALPAFLOR® range is grown in a way that supports local producers and the environment. Our close ties with local farmers sustain local communities, promotes biodiversity and minimizes the CO2 footprint through shorter transportation distances.

All the flowers of the ALPAFLOR® line, such as Edelweiss and Scutellaria, are cultivated and harvested in an unpolluted and unspoiled environment, and delivered to your skin without a long journey in between. Visit our sustainability talk and dive into the meaning of a true relationship with the farmer of the iconic Edelweiss flower.

THE sensory bar

Consumer studies indicate that improving the sensory acceptability of sunscreens might be one key to lowering skin cancer rates and slowing photoaging. Our DSM application experts present four new sun care formulations that consumer will love featuring PARSOL® UV-filters, VALVANCE® for the sensorial touch and skin actives for extra benefits.

Bi my buddy! SPF 30
A bi-phase lotion with a light texture, inspired by men for men.

Sublime sun gelée SPF 50
A transparent, velour gelée texture, that provides both extra hydration and high UV-Protection.

Delicate water cream SPF 30
Inspired by Japan, this sun care formulation provides a lightweight feel due to its quick absorption properties, leaving a silky-soft skin.

Mineral fusion CC cream
The only mineral UV-Protection. It is designed to provide light coverage plus essential blue light protection.

THE make-up bar

At this year’s in-cosmetics, we’ll present our TOP 3 hybrid make up formulations, featuring our PARSOL® and VALVANCE® ranges, enhanced with essential skin care actives.

Discover our Color adjusting lipstick that reveals YOUR color, based on the pH of your skin, while providing protection against UV radiation.

Experience our Cream-to-powder foundation, a tinted gelée that leaves your face feeling smooth and a youthful look.

Try our Dark Spots and pore tightening foundation that conceals skin imperfections immediately. This fast-absorbing foundation delivers a non-greasy after-feel for enhanced natural coverage and evenness!

Visit our 3 innovation boxes

Protect against one of 2019’s top consumer concerns – the effect of pollution on the skin – with DSM’s unique bioactive, ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO!

In a discovery new to the cosmetics industry, DSM’s latest in-vitro studies prove that ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO activates GABAb receptors, thus protecting against skin barrier damage and reducing skin irritation and pain sensation. The bioactive also stimulates the release of β-endorphins, these two key neuromediators help to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Furthermore, a four-week in-vivo study conducted in a very harshly-polluted environment in Beijing confirmed ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO’s excellent ability to protect the skin barrier, keep the skin looking healthy and relieve dullness. In addition ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO is fully sustainable and traceable.

Discover a mineral fusion with PARSOL® ZX!

Mineral UV-filters like Zinc and Titanium Oxide are marketed today as Natural Sunscreens, a key consumer desire. Consumers are more familiar with Zinc Oxide as a UV filter than other ingredients. This familiarity correlates with higher consumer trust, a key advantage in today’s world, where consumers want to understand ‘what’s inside’ their products. We are introducing PARSOL® ZX, a Zinc Oxide grade with high SPF and UVA performance, to be used in a wide range of products. Using our formulation expertise, we showcase solutions for sun care, skincare and make-up, to fulfil consumers’ need for a more natural product.

Pump up the volume with TILAMAR® Boost 150!

Volume is one of the TOP desired benefits in haircare – and one of the most complicated to achieve, especially together with care properties.

Out of 500 trials, we have developed a unique hyper-branched polymer to fill this gap, TILAMAR® Boost 150. This polymer delivers high performance in volume-up effect, without compromising on care properties. TILAMAR® Boost 150 provides invisible fast action for visible volume. Its proven mechanism of deposition is reflected in a lamellar structure that transforms to a hexagonal structure on the hair, while drying, to create volume.