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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM’s 24-hour Skin Glow Day & Night: Illuminating diverse skin care needs

While overall trends in skin products are constantly changing, the desire for radiant, glowing skin is always “en vogue”.  However, our in-depth consumer research revealed that the universal and timeless desire for glowing skin is subject to significant regional nuances. These range from rosy-white skin in China to the fresh natural look demanded by French and Russian fashions or the youthful sparkle sought by Brazilian women.

And while a healthy skin glow is the ultimate goal, the perfect cream should be versatile enough to provide holistic, all-round care. That’s why…DSM’s Skin Glow Day & Night concept blends a variety of multifunctional ingredients that enable everyone to maximize the power of their skin’s beauty from within. Our skin care actives harness the skin’s own powers of rejuvenation during the night and infuse it with the extra energy it needs during the day to maintain an even tone and a vibrant, natural glow – whatever the time of day where you are.

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