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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The skin microbiome: a new dimension in skin health and beauty

Creating the right environment for beautiful-looking skin

Like the gut, the skin has its own unique ecosystem consisting of millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses which make up the skin microbiota. We have long known about the health benefits of maintaining balance in the gut microbiome but when it comes to skin care, bacteria have generally been perceived as something we need to remove. This narrative is beginning to change in scientific circles. Today, the skin microbiome is increasingly thought to be the key to enhancing skin appearance – addressing the causes of skin conditions rather than just the symptoms.

Microbiome research is deeply embedded

DSM is a key player in microbiome gut health solutions. We offer a wide range of products within the probiotic, prebiotic, and enzyme sectors. We are also recognized industry leaders in epidermal science, especially in relation to the skin barrier – the home of the skin’s microbiota. By combining our expertise and knowledge in microbiology and epidermal science, we can create new innovative skin microbiome solutions.

skin microbiome DSM

A fresh perspective on the skin microbiome

So what does a healthy skin ecosystem really mean for the personal care industry? In 2018 DSM started taking a closer look. To find out more about what consumers understand and think we carried out an in-depth market-related study. In parallel, we also embarked on original scientific research  to investigate the skin microbiome landscape in more detail.  Our research, underpinned by our EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ approach to skin care, led to some promising discoveries about the way two of our skin care actives, SYN-UP™ and PENTAVITIN®, interact with bacteria on the skin.

Not that DSM’s journey has ended here though. The skin microbiome is still uncharted territory and we are firmly committed to increasing our knowledge further and to sharing our findings. We believe that many of the bacteria on the skin work for it rather than against it. So, for the first time in one clinical study, our scientists have sought to deepen their understanding of the complex relationship between normal, dry and oily skin, barrier function, and the skin microbiome. This research has pinpointed three of the most common bacteria on the skin and investigated their interaction with three well-established skin care actives: OXY 229 PF, SYN-UP®, and ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM.