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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The skin microbiome – a new hot topic

Creating the right environment for skin microbiome 

Like the digestive system, the skin has its own community of microbiota known as the skin microbiome.  Every microbiome is individual and changes throughout a person’s lifetime according to age, diet, environment and lifestyle. We know that maintaining balance in the gut flora contributes to overall wellness, including skin health, but does skin flora also have an impact on skin appearance and feel?  
DSM research into skin microbiome

Skincare and bacteria – a changing narrative

Scientists, dermatologists and beauty brands have all been asking these questions in recent months. In the past, bacteria have been perceived as something that need to be removed from the skin but this view is beginning to change. Increasingly, creating a healthy environment for all bacteria on the skin is thought to be key to achieving a balanced, resilient complexion and natural glow.

Fresh perspective on skin microbiome 

So what does a healthy skin ecosystem really mean for the personal care industry? And what do consumers think? To gain more insights and facilitate understanding, DSM has embarked on both original scientific research and parallel market-related studies. We hope our findings will provide greater clarity on this topic to cosmetics producers and consumers.

Our scientific research also enhances our current approach to epidermal care, EPIBIOME BEAUTY™, which supports the skin microbiome, underpinned by two of our well-established actives: SYN-UP™ and PENTAVITIN®.