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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

A comfortable scalp needs a balanced skin microbiome

PENTAVITIN® - our skin microbiome active for scalp comfort

A strong skin barrier and a well-balanced skin microbiome are both essential for scalp comfort. Our skin microbiome active PENTAVITIN®, ensures instant, deep hydration to strengthen the scalp surface and promote a harmonious interaction between scalp skin and its microbiome.
Pentavitin skin microbiome for scalp comfort

The importance of hydration for a balanced skin microbiome

Dry skin lacks water in the upper scaly layers, whilst the underlying layers are normally hydrated by the skin’s internal moisturizing mechanism. Resolving and preventing dryness in the scalp requires two approaches: Firstly, moisture must be directed to and kept where it is most needed. Secondly, it is important to work on the balance of those microbes that can trigger flaking and itchy skin. PENTAVITIN® works on both levels to boost the skin’s hydration power.

The EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ approach to a healthy scalp microbiome

When the scalp microbiome is imbalanced, microbial infiltration leads to inflammation in the epidermis at the hair shaft. This causes the skin barrier to weaken, and flaking skin on the scalp may increase. A downward spiral is then set in motion, with microbial infiltration multiplying as the scalp barrier function diminishes.

Pentavitin skin microbiome for scalp comfort

In-vitro tests have shown that PENTAVITIN® can break this vicious circle by influencing the equilibrium of microbial species such as Malassezia furfur and Staphylococcus epidermidis in the scalp microbiome. In addition, in-vitro gene expression studies by DSM’s scientists have demonstrated that PENTAVITIN® effectively stimulates the epidermal building blocks that play a key role in skin barrier improvement.

PENTAVITIN®, a unique skin identical carbohydrate complex, connects perfectly with the surface layers of the skin and scalp and does not wash off, locking in moisture like a magnet. This unique binding mechanism has been shown to improve hydration in-vivo in the short term and to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses, preventing further dehydration in the long term.
Consumer test panels confirm that PENTAVITIN® reduces the negative impact of dehydration, leaving both skin and scalp softer, smoother, and more resilient.