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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The skin microbiome - the key to controlling oily skin?

ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM - our skin microbiome active for oily skin

Obvious symptoms of oily skin include enlarged pores, a dull, shiny, or thick complexion, and blackheads, pimples or other blemishes. DSM’s ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM is known to moderate sebum production, the main cause of oily skin, by inhibiting the key enzyme 5-α-reductase. New studies show that this active, which is produced from the rare alpine plant Epilobium fleischeri, additionally helps reduce sebum levels by down-regulating a common type of bacteria in the skin microbiome.  

Cutibacterium Acnes – Friend or Foe?

Cutibacterium Acnes is one of the dominant bacteria in the facial microbiome and it plays an important gate-keeping role in skin health. However, some strains are associated with acne and it has also been shown to have an influence on sebum production.

In their latest research, our experts found that ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM down-regulates Cutibacterium acnes levels thus helping to reduce sebum over-production and to control oiliness on prominent areas of the face such as the forehead. See graph:

evolution sebum skin microbiome ALP SEBUM

By influencing Cutibacterium acnes levels in the skin microbiome as well as sebum production, DSM’s ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM is a powerful skin care ingredient for reducing oiliness and achieving beautiful-looking skin.