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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

A healthy approach to beauty and personal care

The trend for “Medical Beauty” pushes the limits

Being in control of our well-being and appearance doesn’t have to stop with a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition and exercise are important of course, but high-efficacy, topical skin care products, and medical beauty procedures also offer an opportunity to explore new boundaries to achieve the looks we desire. At DSM, we have taken an in-depth look at the growing enthusiasm for medical beauty, and the products currently serving this trend, to make sure we offer customers the best skin care ingredients for non-invasive solutions.

The Healthy Beauty trend – from traditional approaches to cutting edge skin science

Microbiome Beauty: In the light of new scientific discoveries, skin bacteria are no longer viewed as something we need to remove if we want beautiful looking skin. Some consumers are therefore seeking for ways to balance their skin microbiome naturally, with prebiotic, postbiotic and fermented ingredients.

Medical Beauty: For some consumers, taking control of their physical development is about more than just a healthy lifestyle. These people are exploring new limits to achieve the looks they desire and taking action to improve their appearance with procedures such as plastic surgery and fillers. Other consumers want optimum results but without the knife or needles. These people are especially drawn to high-efficacy, premium products that draw on the latest scientific discoveries in cosmetics and medicine.

Ancient Wisdom: Digitization and increasing travel and migration are exposing more and more people to other cultures and traditions.  Consumers interested in a holistic or natural approach to beauty can be especially drawn to ancient wisdom and are seeking out personal care products inspired by oriental medicine and traditional remedies.

Preventive Beauty: Digitally-savvy consumers, keen to seek out information for themselves and to track their own health, have started to focus on preventing potential issues. These people could be looking for products that protect against premature skin ageing, or stressors such as UV, blue light and pollution.

However, the trend for Healthy Beauty is expressed, DSM has ingredients and formulations to help consumers care for, protect and achieve the looks they want – in the way they want.