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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The quest for inner balance in beauty and personal care

Beauty care as a way to inner calm

Modern lifestyles, especially in hectic urban areas can feel like nothing but pressure. Conflicting demands on our time, constant distraction from digital devices, and concerns about global issues such as pollution can all create a feeling of being out of control. In a quest to reconnect with themselves and restore their inner balance, many consumers are looking for beauty products that give them a sense of ‘time out’.

The Inner Balance beauty trend

Consumers interested in this expression of Mindful Beauty may be keen to achieve a feeling of inner calm, to improve their sleep, to detox , or to reset and recharge their batteries. When it comes to skin care, make-up, sun care and hair care consumers looking for inner balance are likely to appreciate relaxing scents and ingredients, and products that  help soothe or re-energize.

SKIN:YOGA – reaching beauty from within

The benefits of Yoga as a relaxation technique are well known. Scientific evidence also suggests it can reduce levels of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol1.

Taking inspiration from the practice of Yoga and its impact on beauty and wellbeing, DSM has developed a complete line-up of ready-to-use skin care formulations to help re-establish inner balance.

Our SKIN:YOGA serums, creams, mousses and masks can help ease stress, balance skin cortisol levels, decrease muscle contractions and regulate endorphins in the skin, leaving it looking beautiful, relaxed and happy. Designed to reverse the negative impact of modern urban lifestyles, SKIN:YOGA can help skin recover from emotional stress and protect it from today’s high-tech, ‘always-on’ lifestyle.