Through our webinars and e-learning videos, we aim to provide up-to-date information on the role of vitamin active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical lipids. Together with guest speakers, our experts deliver relevant discussions on today’s prominent medical concerns and highlight key scientific findings from the latest clinical trials. 

Module: Understanding drug-nutrient interactions

Failure to identify and properly manage DNIs can lead to severe consequences on patient outcomes. Increased understanding of prevalence and clinical relevance of DNIs is critical. This e-learning module introduces how DNIs are defined and classified, highlights which populations are most at risk, and emphasizes how the negative effects of DNIs can be minimized. Experts present relevant case studies, based on latest scientific evidence.  

Emerging roles of lipids in the modulation of cancer risk and therapy - October 4, 2017

Presented by Prof. Catherine Field and Prof. Robert Chapkin, two of the world's leading experts in the molecular mechanisms by which lipids modulate cancer risk and therapy, the webinar will explore the current state of the science for EPA and DHA as a bioactive. Together with DSM's Dr. Keri Marshall, they will discuss the evidence for the use of lipids as a part of neoadjuvant therapy for two of the most common cancers: breast and colon. 

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