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Business 03/19/2018

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By: DSM Pharma Solutions

In the fast-paced and highly-competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, it is critical to have the right partner in place for the development of new over-the-counter and prescription products. With more than 70 years of experience in pharmaceutical applications, DSM can support the growth and evolution of your products across their life cycle.

Our unique set of capabilities and commitment to quality, innovation and sustainable supply make us an ideal partner to address emerging therapeutic areas and to help you meet your long-term growth aspirations. DSM is the first and only company in the world that can provide access to both US Drug Master Files (DMFs) and Certificates of Suitability (CEPs) for all 13 vitamins, giving our pharmaceutical customers a competitive edge by accelerating the registration and market entry process. DSM can also provide lipid APIs such as EPA and DHA from both marine and microbial sources.

Our 2018 brochure is now available and includes our full list of APIs, as well as information about our quality and manufacturing standards, our technical expertise and the global support network available to all DSM customers.

Want to learn more? Download our full Pharmaceutical Solutions brochure today. 

<p>Pharma Solutions Global Catalogue 2018</p>

Pharma Solutions Global Catalogue 2018

Review our complete API portfolio and discover why DSM is your ideal long-term partner

<p>Pharma Solutions North American Catalogue 2019</p>

Pharma Solutions North American Catalogue 2019

Review our complete API portfolio and discover why DSM is your ideal long-term partner

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