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Multiple solutions for many markets

Our resins are proven to perform - whether it’s a fine finish for decorative wood, super-strong packaging, coatings for fiber optic cable communications, a non-corrosive coating for metal, or an outstanding look and feel in vehicle interiors, our resins are proven to perform. Only by understanding the end markets where coatings are applied can we continue to innovate, not just for our customers, but with our customers – and beyond.


  • Building & Construction

    DSM’s high-performance coating resins are used in the building and construction market, including decorative, flooring, joinery and façade, and concrete constructions.

  • Furniture

    DSM’s high-performance coating resins are used for metal and wooden furniture, including zero-VOC powder coatings.

  • Packaging

    DSM’s high-performance coating resins are used for packaging, flexible packaging, and cans and containers, covering a wide range of substrates.

  • Industrial General

    DSM’s high-performance and sustainable coating resins are used for a wide range of industrial general applications.

  • Vehicle

    DSM’s high-performance coating resins are used for vehicles and automotive applications, including OEM, and parts and refinish.

  • Consumer Goods

    High-performance coating resins are used for many consumer goods, including white goods, electronics and appliances.

  • Telecoms

    DSM is an industry leader in creating high-performance UV-curable coatings for fiber optic cables and networks in telecommunications.

Formula for success

“Increasingly, we’re looking beyond our immediate customers to the end-user application – and the people that use it. How do they react to how a product looks and feels? What performance criteria are most important to them and the brands that serve them? And how do we meet their growing demand for more sustainable and healthy coating solutions? The answer is very simple: rather than developing innovations that we think will work, we’re using our knowledge to develop those that we know will work.”

Martin Vlak, Managing Director, DSM Specialty Resins

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