DSM Resins and Functional Materials

Barrier coating resins from DSM help us create a better environment

It’s time to switch to more reusable packaging

The fast pace of modern life has made food and beverage packaging essential for all of us, from that take-out coffee in the morning to the sandwich we buy for lunch, and maybe our evening meal too.

We consume so much packaging material that it has become a considerable part of the overall packaging industry.

Sadly, most food packaging still uses unsustainable materials such as composites of extrusion polymers like LDPE.

Materials such as LDPE do a good job at protecting the food inside the package while keeping essential functions like oil/ grease resistance and moisture resistance.

But they are difficult to recycle economically. So most PE-extruded packaging ends up going to land fill, where it can take 500 -1000 years to degrade. Just think how harmful that is to the long-term health of our planet.

Curious on what we can do to make packaging more recyclable?

Global concerns for the environment are growing, the way consumers think and feel about packaging is also changing. Brand owners and packaging producers are recognizing the importance of meeting consumer demand and protecting their businesses, and the environment.

Our insights report gives you the facts you need to know.

Kinder to the environment with the performance you need

At DSM, our mission is to create products that will enable safe and sustainable food and beverage packaging for many years to come.

Our portfolio of barrier resins offer a recycle able alternative to LDPE coatings. Our multi-functional resins are easy to formulate and are resistant to water (WVTR & COBB*), grease, oil and moisture. Also, they are easy to re-pulp, with almost all the fibre being recovered.

DSM offers a fast and easy transition from PE laminated stock, and with no loss in performance whatsoever, that can be used on existing machinery.

DSM resins are more than a match for LDPE

In tests and live in the field, products created using DSM resins have shown to be equally as effective as those made with traditional, less eco-friendly materials. Our stringent testing procedures ensure that all our products offer a high level of performance.

Water Barrier 

NeoCryl® A-2092

Heat Resistence 

Grease / Oil 

NeoCryl® BT-62

Low Odour 

NeoCryl® A-2095

What these terms mean and how they are measured

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