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Decovery® SP-6000 XP

All the performance, with less of the oil – and repulpable

Decovery® SP-6000XP is a barrier coating resin, which is an alternative to PE and PFAS based solution. This high-performance 29% bio-based acrylic is designed for barrier coatings for paper substrates. It works very well with all existing application methods, especially flexo and gravure. Decovery® SP-6000XP resin provides water barrier (Cobb) combined with highly flexibility. It performs well in flexible paper substrates in food and non-food applications such as sandwich wraps, tea envelope, folding board boxes and other take away packaging.


In profile

29% Bio-based C-14 certified content

Repulpable on different paper thickness

Long machine runs due to its low foaming behavior with anti foaming agent)

Product remains flexible for converting

Scalable and adaptable using existing paper coating equipment

No blocking tendency on the line

Easy to formulate

Good film forming

Smooth surface for printing

Perfect for flexible paper

Direct Food Contact Compliant on 7 gr/m2 dry

Fully compatible with all these application methods

Gravure print technique

Flexo print technique

Roller coating

Curtain coating

Air knife

The flexibility your packaging needs

Decovery® SP-6000XP resin provides water barrier (Cobb) combined with high flexibility. It performs well in flexible paper substrates in food and non-food applications such as sandwich wraps, tea envelope, folding board boxes and other take away packaging.

Dry food, sugar bags, tea envelopes

Flexible paper, sandwich wraps/cheese

Hot food containers

Cold food containers

Recyclable paper pouches replacing secondary plastic packaging

Decovery® SP-6000 XP

1 Verified by Beta Analytic Inc. (Biobased and Biogenic Carbon Testing Laboratory), according to ASTM D6866-16 Method B (AMS)
Data based on internal calculation. Results may slightly vary compared to final 3rd party reviewed LCA report. Lifecycle assessment is currently being conducted according to ISO-14040-14044, IPCC 2013 GWP 100a standard and the WBCSD chemical sector guidance; Data expressed in kg CO2/ kg resin; absolute CFP SP-6000: 0,56 kg CO2 / kg resin
3 Calculation based on data from United States Environmental Protection Agency

Putting Decovery® SP-6000 XP to the test

Other Decovery® resins for packaging applications

Decovery® SP-6200 XP

The bio-based rub resistant queen of inks!

Decovery® SP-6400 XP

A bio-based resin for label adhesives with 20 °C lower wash off temperature reduction which uses less NaOH and results in energy saving.

Decovery® D-2105

A bio-based inkjet ink resin.


How Decovery® packaging resins will help our world

DSM's Decovery® portfolio is perfectly suited for the creation of high quality coating resins that meet the environmental demands of the packaging markets – they contain zero-to-low VOCs, yet can match or even exceed the performance of starch-based alternatives.

All our Decovery® resins are made exclusively from plant-based resources, such as bark and beans, which are sustainably sourced and don’t compete with the food chain.

The search for sustainable packaging

Consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. Top brands are committing to it. Are you ready to embrace this opportunity? 

Your journey to sustainable packaging continues here

Where experience meets commitment. Our portfolio covers all packaging layers, and even includes innovative textured resins to drive product differentiation.

The story behind Decovery®

The packaging market experiences a strong momentum towards sustainable technologies. Driven by end-consumer demand, brand owners have announced ambitious sustainability pledges. Now it is up to the entire industry to deliver on these challenging goals. Our plant-based Decovery® resins are perfectly suited to contribute to greater circularity and bio-based materials.

Want to know more about Decovery®? 

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