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DSM completes sale of Resins & Functional Materials businesses 

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today announces the completion of the sale of its Resins & Functional Materials and associated businesses (together, “RFM”) to Covestro AG for an equity value of €1.6 billion. The proposed sale of RFM was first announced on 30 September 2020.

DSM created the versatile acrylic workhorse

Our NeoCryl® A-820 resin is a high-performance, 100% acrylic resin designed to meet these needs, particularly in the decorative market. Designed as a highly versatile universal binder, this resin is particularly suitable for wall paint applications.


DSM to drive sustainability value of its European coating resins portfolio

The withdrawal of APEOs from its European portfolio is the latest step in DSM’s ambitious sustainability strategy for its Coating Resins business, which includes eliminating chemicals of high concern (CoHC) from all coating resins.

DSM introduces resin to enable healthier sustainable multi-surface paint systems that last longer

DSM announced the launch of a new, universal primer resin, NeoCryl® HP-1000, that enables new levels of long-term adhesion and functional performance for trim and lacquer paints.

DSM expands textured coating resin range with highly functional sandy-feel resin

DSM announced the release of Skins® Sandy, the newest addition to its Skins® range of haptic coating resins, which enables you to add sand-like texture to packaging.                                           

NeoAdd™ PAX - A breakthrough innovation for low-toxicity crosslinking

The DSM breakthrough innovation NeoAdd™ PAX enables high-performance, low-toxicity crosslinking for waterborne systems – protecting both surfaces and society.

DSM enables higher commercial standards in flooring with bio-based, self-matting resin

DSM announced that its new, bio-based self-matting resin, Decovery® SP-2022 XP, has been successfully integrated by coating formulators Ciranova and Arboritec AB into products launched at Domotex 2020.

DSM, GIGA, Toxnot and Chenyang Paint collaborate

DSM announced that the company will partner with GIGA, Toxnot, and Chenyang Paint to advocate ingredient transparency in construction industry.                                             

Helen Mets: Talking purpose with Accenture

Helen Mets recently discussed how our purpose-led strategy is enabling a transformation, and why the best is yet to come.


How can we make a positive impact together?

Let’s do well by doing good! At DSM Resins & Functional Materials, we’ve just launched a new sustainability agenda.


Driving the market for sustainable leather finishes

By working together with TFL, we’ll develop innovative PUD systems for leather finishes – ones that are both more sustainable and higher performance.

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  • Home is where the sustainable furniture is

    “Home is our base, our favorite place, our beginning and end to each day…” once wrote the British poet Ms Moem. Indeed, I have always felt that the difference between a house and a home is that hard-to-define, easy-to-understand warm feeling – the feeling of security and safety that people everywhere should be able to enjoy as they wake up or go to bed.

  • Why real coating innovation begins with the customer

    From package delivery drones to electric cars that are unlocked with fingerprint apps, the pace of ‘innovation’ defines modern life and is the key to a competitive business advantage. But as the need for something new, something different and something better increases, it’s crucial that we keep our eyes on the real prize: the customer. Only when we are meeting an unmet customer need can we really deliver worthwhile innovation – innovation that makes a difference to real people in real life.

  • Why paint customers need our support to live sustainably

    While most people will agree that our world needs to be more sustainable (what is the alternative anyway?), making it happen seems much more problematic. All too often, it’s difficult to translate good intentions into positive actions, strong ideals into tangible steps.

  • Why complaints make the best learning opportunities

    ‘Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone,’ sang the American rock group, Blondie, back in 1978. Rather than unrequited love, the band might easily have been singing about the trials and tribulations of customer service – and, particularly, the emotional turmoil of trying to get through to the complaints department.

  • A step for powder coatings, a leap for the furniture industry

    With the launch of our Uralac® Ultra resin in 2014, the curing temperature of powder coating resins could be lowered to 130oC, and the curing time to three minutes. This might not sound immediately revolutionary, but it meant powder coatings could now be applied to a wide range of wooden and MDF substrates without danger of the substrate being damaged, paving the way for the use of powder coatings in wooden furniture manufacturing.

  • The future of furniture is closer than we think

    Let’s take a trip together to 2050. For those living in the Netherlands, the day begins with a tasty cup of organic, locally sourced, zero-carbon coffee. Grown just down the road in one of our country’s many vertical farms, and home-delivered by solar-powered drone. After a slice of toast – baked in our very own hydrogen cell oven using biotechnology enabled supergrains – we kiss our loved ones goodbye and set off to work.

  • Sustainability sounds great, but where’s the evidence?

    Any good sales or marketing professional understands the power of having public opinion behind them. And in today’s age of heightened sustainability awareness, companies of all shapes and sizes are keener than ever to demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials.

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