Doing good while looking good

The move to brighter expressions beyond beauty with DSM at in-cosmetics 2022

05 - 07 April 2022

Paris, France

Looking good, feeling good, doing good
Brighter expressions beyond Beauty

It was great to be able to connect with everyone from the personal care industry finally in-person at this years’ in-cosmetics Global, Paris, after two years of working remotely and dealing with the uncertainties of Covid-19. We decided to dedicate our space to “Brighter expressions beyond Beauty” and used the live event to share our insights about what’s happened on the consumer side the last two years, and how we can support the need for a more inclusive and better future.

If you couldn’t make the show this year or would just like to get more detailed information on our concepts, the featured personal care ingredients, and the ready-to-use formulations, you can find all that information here.

Brighter expressions beyond Beauty – our theme in 2022

The last two years have seen a radical shift in consumer behaviours and attitudes to personal care. As in many other areas of their lives, people have been reassessing their values and want to do more to create a better world for all.

Today, true personal care isn’t just about looking and feeling good - it’s about doing good too. For some, this might mean choosing ethically sourced personal care products or ones that have a minimal impact on the planet. For others, it could involve beauty care solutions that empower people to be themselves and reflect their diversity, helping to build fairer societies where everyone feels welcome and included. In other words, this renewed wish for improvement takes many and varied forms – all underpinned by a desire for self-expression that goes far beyond beauty.

As a company with a firm commitment to helping you cater to these new and evolving aspirations, we can bring you much more than high-performance personal care ingredients. Our broad product portfolio of personal care ingredients combines biotechnological innovation, smart design, and cleaner, minimalistic formulations. We source locally where possible and prioritize biodegradable, recycled and organically produced personal care ingredients – for every kind of skin!  We also work constantly to improve the social and environmental impact of our products, make our processes as transparent as possible, and achieve the best balance between the environmental and societal arguments surrounding UV-filter ingredients – so that you and consumers can make informed, science-based decisions.

By bringing together all these attributes we can support you in meeting the diverse interests of consumers who are motivated by brighter self-expression and a sense of greater good in their choices. Want to help shape a better and more inclusive future for beauty? Then read on here.

Find diverse solutions for diverse needs at DSM’s ID-All Concept Store

Our ID-All Concept store presented the full picture of how to serve the evolving interests of consumers looking for benefits beyond beauty.  At this year’s in-cosmetics global, visitors learned all about the recent drivers of change that have influenced human behaviors and triggered needs like health, wellbeing, authenticity, and the desire for a positive impact. We have transformed these needs into a new, elevated trends framework, developed with our external partner and consumer insights experts. Dedicated personas were created by our team of consumer and market insights experts to express the plurality of needs requiring personal care solutions that go beyond beauty. 

The ID-All Concept store brings together all the components you need to develop products that address the interests of consumers, today and tomorrow. We featured ready to use line ups inspired by playful textures that reflect diverse needs and feature a selection of our best personal care ingredients. We showcased innovative packaging solutions and new ingredient claims backed by scientifically proven, high performing ingredients across our full range of skin bioactivessensory modifiers, vitaminsmultifunctional ingredients and UV-filters. All delivering on the promise of brighter expressions beyond beauty!

For novel ingredients that make a positive impact

Our ingredients at the innovation zone

Discover new ingredients and scientific findings featured at this year’s Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics global. Learn more about the personal care ingredients and download our ingredient cards.

For new formulations that feel good and do good too

Our formulations at the sensory bar

Discover playful & trendy textures that have been featured at the sensory bar at in-cosmetics global 2022 and start to formulate right away!

With our skin, hair and sun care formulations we meet today’s consumers’ desire for appealing and efficient personal care formulations, that deliver on brighter expressions beyond beauty. Discover our full range of dedicated new textures, enhanced with skin bioactive ingredients, vitamins, UV-filter ingredients and hair care ingredients.

What's next on sustainable, future-proof sun protection?

Watch our sustainability talk

Watch the recording of the presentation by Dr. Gernot Kunze, Senior Lead Scientist Science and Promotion Sun Care, DSM, at the sustainability corner at in-cosmetics global 2022.

UV Filters are used in broad ranges of galenic formulations for protecting the human skin. The development of sunscreens itself is complex and evaluating the impact on the marine environment is an additional major challenge.

DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZERTM 2.0 now assesses the ecological impact of UV filters and provides a market benchmark classification with an Eco Logo. It is designed for real-time evaluation, enabling industries to move towards more eco-friendly formulations.

The session explained the methodology, from UV-Filter Eco-Scores to the Eco impact of different combinations, with examples of how sustainable sunscreens might look in the future.