TILAMAR® Boost 150

Invisible action for visible volume with an extra touch of care


The hyperbranched polymer ingredient for big hair with care

Achieving the ultimate volume is one of THE top trends in hair care – and one of the TOP desired benefits by consumers. But, it’s one of the most complicated to achieve, especially together with care properties! Based on 50 years of expertise in materials science, we have identified, out of 500 trials, a unique hyperbranched polymer to fill this gap: TILAMAR® Boost 150, offering both incredible volume and care properties with its unique mode of action.


Product Features

  • Unique HYPERBRANCHED POLYMER based on 50 years of expertise in materials science
  • COACERVATE formation & deposition on hair
  • Invisible transformation of the polymer on the hair fiber to create the volume with an extra touch of care: LAMELLAR PHASE transforming to HEXAGONAL PHASE while drying
  • Can be directly added in your current formulation base


  • Increased volume performance without compromising on care properties
  • Increased hair elasticity and style ability
  • Compatible and optimal results with traditional conditioning polymers
  • Proven benefits by instrumental and hairdresser tests

Technical info

  • INCI name: Polyquaternium-110
  • Technology: Hyperbranched polymer
  • CAS number: 1323977-82-7
  • Product code: 50 1634 5
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Total solids: 49.0–51.0% (m/m)
  • Contains no preservatives.
  • Use level: 1-3%

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