Our unique peptide SYN-UP® has excellent capacity to improve the barrier functionality, by interacting with the skin microbiome, combats skin dryness, sensitivity and redness, and helps to smooth and firm the skin.

Beauty runs deep… our skin is a perfect ecosystem, multiple levels of cells and molecules all interconnected to build this great organ of the body. Over time external stressors such as UV irradiation, climate, pollution or chemicals can disbalance the skin. This process activates the production of Plasmin, triggering a series of skin damages and visible signs of aging. As a result skin becomes more fragile, prone to sensitization, loses its vitality and firmness, leaving the skin with an unhealthy appearance.

SYN-UP® is the peptide solution for multiple skin benefits. It improves the barrier functionality, by interacting with the skin microbiome, combats skin dryness, sensitivity and redness, and helps to smooth and firm the skin.

SYN-UP® is now allowed to be used in skincare formulations in the China market with its successful notification as a New Cosmetic Ingredient (NCI) in under the country’s new cosmetic legislation.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Amidinobenzyl Benzylsulfonyl D-Seryl Homophenylalaninamide Acetate
  • Sophisticated patented synthetic dipeptide derivative 


  • Promotes healthy-looking skin for longer by inhibiting Plasmin activities and by interacting with the skin microbiome**
  • Makes the skin more resilient against stress attacks day- by- day **
  • Real, significant prevention of dry skin conditions**
  • Reduces redness and unpleasant skin sensations**
  • Significant promotion of great looking skin**
  • Helps to smooth and firm the skin*

*In vitro **in vivo"

Mode of Action

SYN-UP® targets Plasmin 

SYN-UP® peptide is the key to unlock skin’s own true potential from within. Visualized with molecular modelling SYN-UP® peptide fits perfectly in the active site of Plasmin, like a key in a lock, with the objective of re-balancing Plasmin in the skin and reversing the negative impact. 

Visible increased resilience to day-to-day stress, in vivo

44 female Caucasian volunteers (age 30-50) with self-declared sensitive facial skin took part in our full-face, placebo-controlled study. Half of the volunteers applied a formula with 1% SYN-UP® twice daily for 28 days and half applied a placebo formulation. We assessed skin resilience in all volunteers by measuring trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) after repeated stress to the cheek stratum corneum, induced by six consecutive tape strippings, on Day 0 and Day 28. We also measured TEWL on Day 1 and Day 29 .

The higher the skin’s resilience, the lower the TEWL measurement, and as the graph shows, after repeated stress, skin resilience almost matched the baseline value (significant), indicating that dry skin conditions are truly prevented.

Promoting a healthy skin barrier by resetting key bacteria, in vivo

In an in vivo microbiome investigation, six Caucasian volunteers applied 1% SYN-UP® in gelled water to their faces twice daily for 28 days. Trans-epidermal water loss was measured with a Tewameter® TM300, to evaluate skin barrier functionality. Microbiome profiling, with a focus on Staphylococcus Epidermidis (associated with healthy skin) and Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii (associated with skin redness) was measured by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. The measuring time points were Days 0,7 and 28.

Driving improvement across all skin layers with one biological target

  • Inhibition of Plasmin and Urokinase activity and balancing of key bacteria S. Aureus and S. Epidermidis** promotes healthy-looking skin.
  • Modulation of MMP 9, CXCLS and IL-8 activity reduces skin sensitivity and redness.
  • Up-regulation of Transglutaminase 1 (TGase1)*increases skin barrier functionality.
  • Preventing degradation of type IV Collagen and stimulation of type I Collagen* helps to smooth and firm the skin.

* in vitro ** in vivo

Permitted for global use

Under China’s new cosmetic legislation, SYN-UP® has been successfully notified as a New Cosmetic Ingredient (NCI) in the stringent NCI category 3 - confirmation that it meets the highest levels of quality and safety for an active peptide. SYN-UP® can therefore be used in formulations anywhere in the world to meet the growing demand for high-efficacy solutions that promote long-term healthy-looking skin.

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