Exploring vitamin D3 as immunomodulator

Inspire your next pharma innovation with vitamin D3

The COVID-19 public health crisis has strongly accelerated research and innovation in the pharma market, highlighting the potential role of vitamin APIs in patient health. In particular, the fast-evolving science behind vitamin D3 – or cholecalciferol – has received increasing interest amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to innovate in the immunity market.

A growing bank of research reveals that vitamin D3 may provide significant therapeutic benefits in a number of immune-related diseases, including COVID-19 infection. Additionally, vitamin D levels are reportedly lower in critically ill patients which can increase the risk of adverse clinical outcomes, disease severity and mortality. With this in mind, researchers are exploring the promising role of vitamin D3 as an adjuvant therapy in these individuals.

Our new whitepaper provides a scientific overview of the clinical evidence supporting the role of vitamin D3 as an immunomodulator, including its protective effect in immune-related diseases. Download the whitepaper now to inspire the development of purpose-led pharmaceuticals that will support patients’ quality of life.

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