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DSM Exhibits Pioneering Pharmaceutical Technologies and Solutions at CPHI 2022

Kaiseraugst (CH), 18 October 2022

DSM, CPHI 2022, November 1 to 3, Messe Frankfurt, Germany – booth 120B120

DSM is delighted to showcase its range of industry-leading pharmaceutical, consumer health, and medical nutrition solutions at CPHI 2022. Visitors to booth 120B120 can discover DSM’s comprehensive offerings to help improve patient outcomes and support their health. These novel solutions feature new technologies to enhance cannabidiol (CBD) bioavailability, improve the efficacy of sustained drug delivery, inhibit nitrosamine formation, and more.

Increasing scientific evidence points to the potential of CBD as a key ingredient in the pharmaceutical market. Research reveals new insights on the therapeutic benefits across multiple health areas, including central nervous system (CNS) diseases, pain management, cancer and mood disorders.1 However, low and variable bioavailability poses a significant challenge in CBD-based formulations. According to Kelsey Achenbach, Senior Director of Pharma and Medical Nutrition at DSM, ‘this is especially the case for oral solid dosage drug delivery, which necessitates new formulation technology to enhance the performance of CBD-based therapies.’

This focus on innovative formulations and DSM’s strong partnership with Brains Bio together provide customers with access to leading technology and the purest CBD API available on the market today. Brains Bio recently expanded its research facilities and cannabinoid manufacturing capabilities – set to become the largest in the UK supported by the appropriate GMP certification from MHRA, the UK authorities.

DSM is advancing various pioneering technologies to create a comprehensive formulation toolkit that effectively improves CBD bioavailability while addressing different market needs and supporting better patient outcomes. Visitors to the booth can explore DSM’s new bioavailability-enhancing solutions for CBD in various oral solid dosage formats.

Alexandru Zabara, Innovation Manager Pharma and Medical Nutrition at DSM, explains, ‘when increasing the bioavailability of CBD, the efficacy of each delivery route varies according to the used excipients, formulation strategy as well as specific properties of the finished drug product format; we therefore require a comprehensive array of formulation technologies – ranging from lipid-based systems to nano-emulsification based solid dosage forms and amorphous solid dispersions – to optimize the effectiveness of CBD-based drugs for different patient needs.’ DSM’s preclinical data is expected to be completed in early 2023, followed by clinical validation.  

As the world’s unrivalled biomedical expert and partner in sustainable healthcare innovation, DSM will showcase TheraPEA™ – its pioneering polymer technology for advanced sustained release drug products. Designed to address limitations associated with use of traditional polymeric materials, this novel biodegradable platform of Polyester Amide (PEA) polymers allows for formulating small molecule drugs and biologics for systemic and site-specific parenteral drug delivery.

TheraPEA™ facilitates formulation of a wide range of active ingredients in various treatment forms, including implantable and long-acting injectables. Marc Hendriks, Vice President Strategy and Business Development at DSM, states, ‘TheraPEA™ offers a tunable degradation profile and many benefits including broad compatibility with many drugs – thanks to its non-acidic degradation – and excellent proven biocompatibility in multiple settings from ophthalmic to intravascular and intra-articular applications.

At the booth, attendees will also have the opportunity to meet DSM formulation specialists and explore an FDA-recommended strategy to help mitigate the risk of nitrosamine formation. Ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol can be used as excipients to effectively inhibit nitrosamine formation and act as stabilizers in the finished drug product.

In addition, DSM is leveraging the game-changing potential of medical nutrition in patient care. Disease-related Malnutrition is occurring across patients with chronic disease, and it has been

researched extensively in the field of oncology.2 By combining drug therapies with medical nutrition solutions, DSM contributes to better patient recovery and quality of life, especially for patients with cancer. Visitors can learn more about how DSM’s science-led approaches to medical nutrition in holistic patient care help optimize patient outcomes.

Furthermore, DSM continues to advance consumer health globally with a wide range of next generation health benefit solutions. These include ampli-D®, a revolutionary bioavailable source of the biologically active metabolite of vitamin D that raises vitamin D levels in days and weeks instead of months. Although most widely recognized for its role in bone and muscle health, growing evidence points to the benefits of vitamin D for immune health and reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections.3

Join DSM at CPHI, booth 120B120 and discover innovative pharmaceutical solutions and technologies based on cutting-edge scientific insights. To book an appointment with our expert team, click here.


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1. Moltke et al. Reasons for cannabidiol use: a cross-sectional study of CBD users, focusing on self-perceived stress, anxiety, and sleep problems, J Cannabis Res, 2021, 3(5)

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