CBtru®, a premium formulated cannabidiol drug intermediate

Addressing the challenges of bioavailability, patient convenience and compliance

Understanding the opportunity

While there is remarkable opportunity for the development of cannabidiol (CBD)-based pharmaceutical products, formulating a highly lipophilic and poorly soluble crystalline active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can be a complex task. In addition to physical and chemical stability challenges, the oral bioavailability of CBD has been shown to be very low in humans (6%), as a result of incomplete absorption in the gut and significant pre-systemic elimination in the liver.1

Seizing the solution: CBtru®, a premium formulated CBD drug intermediate

dsm-firmenich has developed CBtru®, a premium formulated CBD drug intermediate and patented solution, that presents several exciting opportunities for patients, healthcare professionals, and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, including:

  • Solid dosage forms, that have wider applicability and easier patient acceptance vs existing liquid dosing (e.g., using syringes).
  • Higher CBD API loading, meaning that patients can meet their needs with lower daily dosages than what is currently available with oil formats.
  • Optimized CBD bioavailability, leading to potentially more effective medicine formats, decreased probability of drug-drug interactions and minimized adverse effects.2

With CBtru® - for the first time in the case of cannabinoids - the development of stable solid dosage formulations enables the creation of finished drug products like tablets, orally dispersible films, orally dispersible tablets, capsules, gums, chewables etc. or stick-packs, expanding treatment options and convenience for patients worldwide.

Solid dosage form

  • Improved patient compliance vs liquid
  • Wider applicability in finished drug products
  • Good chemical and physical stability (6 months at 25°C & 40°C)

Higher API loading

  • Lower daily dosage of final drug product vs commercial oil
  • Lower cost in use (CIU)
  • 3x to 4x increase in API loading vs commercially available product

Optimized bioavailability

  • Similar bioavailability compared to CBD oil in pre-clinical animal model
  • Realible delivery with low intra-patient variability
  • Reduced adverse effects

Innovative delivery systems are needed, to effectively address patient needs for oral solid dosage forms with higher drug loading and enhanced bioavailability. 

Learn how dsm-firmenich and Oz Medicann Group (OMG) pharma together pioneer patient-centric CBD-based drug dosage forms. 

Taking advantage of a solid innovation platform to develop your CBD-based drug products

We’re passionate about pioneering the next frontier in medicine – one that’s fueled by cannabinoid research and development. As an end-to-end partner to our customers, we offer a unique innovation platform powered by expert services. Designed to enhance the odds of therapeutic breakthroughs and streamline development pathways in the cannabinoid space, we’re enabling our customers to unlock new treatment possibilities and convenience for patients worldwide. 


1. Perucca and Bialer. Critical aspects affecting cannabidiol oral bioavailability and metabolic elimination, and related clinical implications. Cannabinoids in Neurology and Psychiatry, 2020.

2. Millar et al. Towards better delivery of cannabidiol (CBD). Pharmaceuticals (Basel), vol. 13, pg. 219, 2020.

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