Novel APIs

Novel APIs

We constantly bring new APIs to our pharma portfolio. Novel formulations of vitamins and lipids, plant derived APIs, novel bioactive compounds from natural sources are the focus of our API development. 


WaSo-LC (Water Soluble Lycopersicum Concentrate) is a novel, herbal origin antiaggregant comprised of tomato-derived bioactive compounds. Mechanistically, WaSo-LC impacts multiple steps in the thrombotic cascade while influencing ADP, collagen, thrombin and TXA2-mediated signaling. Antiplatelet efficacy was demonstrated in several human studies and additional clinical trials are currently ongoing. For more information regarding co-development and out-licensing, please contact the DSM Pharmaceutical Solutions team by submitting your request via the contact form below.

The Next Generation in Heart Health APIs

Targeting cardiovascular risk reduction? Discover novel antiaggregant WaSo-LC and join us to innovate for safer anti-platelet therapies. 

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