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Akulon polyamide 6 and polyamide 66: The full portfolio

Our Akulon® portfolio covers virtually all possible applications - with grades suited to all processing techniques including extrusion, injection and blow molding.
Colorful granules

From superior impact strength to excellent abrasion resistance, from high heat resistance to excellent flame retardancy, Akulon delivers properties that help you produce greener, lighter, smarter products. Individual grades can vary by region so please check in the product data database for more detailed information and availability in your area. 

Akulon compounds for injection molding and blow molding offer you huge versatility.

Akulon Ultraflow 

This high performance grade delivers:

  • Improved productivity at up to 30-40% glass fiber reinforced – with heat stabilization
  • Metal replacement with up to 50-60% glass fiber plus heat stabilization
  • Mineral glass reinforced hybrids: 30-40% glass fiber reinforced
  • Flame retardant and halogen-based grades.

Unfilled injection molding

  • Nucleated grades
  • Nucleated and heat stabilized grades
  • Impact modified and tougher grades designed especially for low temperature applications
  • High molecular weight molding grades for wear resistant applications.

Glass reinforced injection molding grades

  • Standard glass filled and 30-50% glass-filled grades
  • Heat stabilized grades up to 30-50% for automotive applications
  • Impact modified for toughness and low temperatures with 15-40% glass fiber grades
  • UV stabilized grades with 30% glass fiber
  • High burst pressure/weld strength grades up to 30% glass fiber reinforced and heat stabilized.
  • Glass filled blow molding grades

Mineral reinforced grades for better dimensional stability

  • 30% mineral and heat stabilized grades
  • Mineral/glass hybrids for all-round stability and strength: 30-40% filled
  • Blow molding portfolio
  • Unfilled, heat stabilized grades

Flame Retardant polyamide 6 molding portfolio

  • Unfilled halogen-free grade
  • Glass reinforced halogen-free and halogen based, glow wire grades
  • Mineral filled, halogen-free and halogen-based glow wire grades.

Our Akulon polyamide 6 extrusion grades cover:

  • Film grades for packaging and food packaging: Covering processing techniques like cast, blown, water cooled blown film, and BOPA
  • High viscosity grades for semi-finished goods and stock shapes
  • Medium viscosity grades for tubing and monofilament and multi filament
  • Akulon XS, a modified polyamide 6 to replace copolyamide PA66
  • Base polymers for compounding

Akulon polyamide 66 extrusion grades


These cover film grades for food packaging and  sausage casings; and high molecular weight grades for semi-finished applications.