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Making the case for Arnite®

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Arnite® is being used for a wide range of applications - from automotive brake boosters and lighting, to white goods connectors, to perfume bottles.

Close-up of an automotive lighting frame held in hands

Automotive lighting frames

For headlamp frames Arnite is ideal thanks to its exceptionally low outgassing qualities – which is why Mercedes chose the material for its next generation of adaptive forward lighting modules.

Close-up of a brake booster body valve

Brake Booster Valve Body

Our Arnite A has been used to manufacture the brake booster - a key component of the braking system - in some 300 million vehicles without a single recorded failure in 20 years.

Close-up of a fog lamp

Fog lamp housing

Arnite® XL-T has proven outstanding heat resistance and thermal performance along with excellent moisture management and outgassing qualities that outperform polyphthalamides 

Windscreen wiper reflection

Windscreen wiper housings

Arnite T is ideal for rear windscreen wiper housings, reducing production and assembly time as well as lowering vehicle weight. It’s why Valeo is now using the material in a range of Ford vehicles.

Front view of a washing machine

White goods

Arnite is the perfect material for connectors in unattended white goods like washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. It meets stringent regulations while delivering better performance.

Girl holding an inhaler close to her mouth


Our Arnitel T tackles a challenge for the drug delivery market for applications like insulin pens and inhalers

Perfume bottles close up

Perfume bottles

Arnite has proven to be an excellent solution for the perfume industry thanks to properties that give it the look, feel and color of an expensive ceramic, while being extremely tough and durable.


Oven door frames

The door has been opened to a completely new application area for our performance materials – literally. For the first time, Arnite TV4 441 is to be used for a plastic oven doorframe, produced by Turkish appliances manufacturer, VESTEL. 

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