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Arnite®: A bright future for automotive lighting

From ABL and DBL headlamp frames to bezels to LED components, Arnite® is proving to be extremely effective for automotive lighting. Thanks to its exceptionally low outgassing - the ability to prevent volatile deposits on the lamp lense - Mercedes chose the material for its next generation of adaptive forward lighting modules.
Man holding an Adaptive Forward Lighting

When DSM was looking to develop a next-generation material for automotive lighting applications with low outgassing it teamed up with leading industry organization the Automotive Lighting GMBH Laboratory. The result was Arnite® A XL Low Outgassing – now being used in the Mercedes S-class.

The new grade was optimized to meet the toughest outgassing requirements at temperatures of up to 200°C, with zero moisture emissions. It offers additional benefits including thermal stability, excellent dimensional stability and high specific stiffness, required to limit resonant frequencies during idle engine conditions.

These properties make Arnite superior to a range of competitive materials for automotive lighting - from PPA, to polyamide 6 and 66. And its application isn’t limited to lamp housings. Arnite is also being used for bezels and a new generation of LED components.

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