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Arnite®: A bright future for automotive

Arnite® is ideal for a wide range of demanding automotive applications – from the braking system to adaptive forward lighting, to windscreen wiper housings. In both Arnite A and Arnite T formats (as well as blends and reinforced fiber-glass grades) Arnite performs in the toughest conditions. It’s strong and rigid with excellent processing characteristics and dimensional stability.

The automotive industry is juggling various challenges right now: The need to continue improving the safety of drivers and passengers; the drive for a reduced carbon footprint, which means improved vehicle fuel efficiency and reduction of harmful emissions; and of course the need to drive profitability – for example by reducing system costs, improving cycle time and giving engineers more flexibility.

Arnite® helps manufacturers to achieve automotive challenges. It is very easy to mold and process while being strong, rigid, with low moisture absorption and high dimensional stability. But these are only some of its qualities…

Brake booster body valves

The future

Arnite is now being used in other various automotive applications, from windscreen wiper housings to air flow mass meters, EGR/ETC covers, mirror housings, bezels and many more.

We believe this is just the beginning. The DSM team is committed to the automotive market and will continue to keep finding new ways for manufacturers to improve their vehicles using Arnite.