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Arnite®: Making the right connections

The good match of product characteristics and processibility of Arnite® and the demanded properties in the Electrical and electronic industry makes Arnite a material of choice for applications form white goods connectors until ...
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Innovative solutions for advance electronic connectors

With Arnite of DSM you can meet the key technological challenges of today including:

  • Increasing pin densities, longer connector, thinner walls, finer pitches
  • Higher solder temperatures, brought on by lead-free requirements
  • Higher productivity and total cost-down solutions
  • Reduced environmental impact (heavy metals)

Consistent moisture levels

Since Arnite does not absorb significant quantities of moisture the properties do not change even when ambient humidity levels are high, making it an excellent material for connectors.

The future

What’s driving the industry and what is going to drive it in the future? What are todays and tomorrow’s concerns? How can they be addressed? At DSM we are continuously striving to understand the trends and challenges in the ever changing electrical and electronics industry. We examine issues like environmental compliance, tracking, safety standards, warpage, and blistering with a focus on understanding and a reliance on our expertise to develop innovative solutions.

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