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Fast and easy processing

Arnite® is easy to process, with excellent flow characteristics, and high crystallinity to ensure rapid cooling times.
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Arnite is extremely easy to work with, and can be injection molded quickly and easily.

Typical processing temperatures for Arnite T are 235°C to 275°C, whereas for Arnite A, we advise a processing temperature range from 265°C to 295°C.

Molds can be heated to ensure high crystallinity and a better surface finish (80°C to 135°C for Arnite A, and 30°C to 100° for Arnite T.

Eliminating moisture

During processing it’s critical to eliminate moisture. Which is why Arnite comes in sealed bags and is ready to be molded without any pre-drying – saving valuable time and money.

Even a small amount of moisture absorbed by the granules can result in weak moldings, so once the bag is opened, it’s very important to pre-dry granules that could have been exposed to the atmosphere beforehand.

Processing guidelines

Processing guidelines can be found in the product data sheets section (check the ‘Description’ tabsheet).