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All the properties you need

Arnite® offers a unique range of properties including chemical and thermal resistance, flame retardance, dimensional stability – and excellent mechanical properties with good surface quality. All of which make it ideal for a very broad range of applications from automotive to consumer and leisure to electronics and electrical.
Thermal camera image of 4 standing persons

Thermal properties

Arnite has excellent short and long-term heat resistance.


Detail of tensile test equipment

Mechanical properties

Arnite is strong with great stiffness and creep properties.


Laboratory flasks filled with various coloured liquids

Chemical resistance

Arnite is resistant to everything from acid to oil.


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Flame retardance

Arnite grades meet all major flame retardance regulations.


Child with a kite at beach facing the sun

UV resistance

We offer a range of specialized grades for outdoor applications.


Morning dew

Low outgassing

Arnite XL grades offer extremely low outgassing characteristics.


Dimensional stability

Dimensional stability

Arnite is superior to other polyamides in this respect.


Electronic schematic and multimeter

Electrical properties

Arnite has excellent dielectric strength even at elevated temperatures.