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Outstanding outgassing

In the automotive lighting applications outgassing – emission of volatiles (including water) causing a ‘fogging’ effect - is a major challenge. Arnite® overcomes this problem, which is why leading manufacturers are using the material for their next-generation vehicles.
Morning dew

Our Arnite XL grades offer extremely low outgassing characteristics and very low moisture absorption, making them especially suitable for automotive headlamps – amongst other lighting applications.


  • Lighting frames: Low outgassing of Arnite A and Arnite T at up to 170°C
  • AFL/DBL frames: Low outgassing of Arnite A at up to 200°C
  • LED cooling fan: Low outgassing at 200°C

Arnite A XL is ideal for PPA replacement, not only reducing outgassing but also improving the dynamic stability of the module at high relative humidities – unlike PA66 and PPA.