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Arnitel® is being used for a wide range of applications - from automotive brake boosters and lighting, to white goods connectors, to perfume bottles.

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Arnitel Eco

Our Arnitel® Eco material is a bio-based thermoplastic copolyester (TPE) that delivers high performance with the added benefit of a lower environmental impact

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Arnitel VT

A proven thermoplastic copolyester elastomer for more sustainable outdoor clothing that’s free of perfluorinated chemicals (PFC)

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Arnitel C

A material that delivers unrivalled performance at high heat…but is also bio-degradable and good for the planet

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PA 12 replacement

Arnitel® has emerged as a true alternative to PA12 for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications in pipes and hoses




Discover the properties that make Arnitel unique and check out our extensive portfolio of grades. More>