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Arnitel VT for outdoor clothing: A good fit

How does a manufacturer of outdoor clothing produce high-performance, waterproof and comfortable textiles that are also kind to the environment? The answer: Arnitel® VT – a proven thermoplastic copolyester elastomer for more sustainable outdoor clothing that’s free of perfluorinated chemicals (PFC). 

The secret behind the suitability of Arnitel VT for outdoor clothing applications is that instead of being perforated in the standard way, this material is made from unique monolithic breathable membranes a few microns thick. This provides a 100% waterproof barrier, even when coming into contact with alcohol or fuel.

Furthermore, Arnitel VT provides a barrier to bacteria and viruses (ideal for the medical industry) as well as greater strength and performance. For example, it’s less likely to rip or clog compared to other materials.

Equally importantly, Arnitel VT doesn’t contain the PFCs found in alternative materials like polytetrafluoroethylenes. The result: Our partners such as Sympatex Technologies in Germany are now producing more sustainable textiles with a drastically reduced carbon footprint.