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Arnitel C: Handling the heat

Are you a manufacturer looking for a material that delivers unrivalled performance at high heat…but is also bio-degradable and good for planet? If so, perhaps you should consider Arnitel® C.
Change in impact energy between Arntiel CM622 and PA12-PHLY

Arnitel C is long-established in the automotive industry for tubes and hoses thanks to its continuous-use temperature rating of 3,000 hrs at 175°C; and a peak temperature of 225°C.

This, combined with its physical flexibility, makes this material ideal for metal replacement. In fact, it’s up to 80% lighter than some traditional metals and easier to process while offering excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

Arnitel C is also sustainable - free of mineral oil and plasticizers. It doesn’t corrode and is 100% recyclable.

Change in impact energy between Arnitel CM622 and PA12-PHLY


Arnitel C is used in the following applications:

  • Automotive Under the Hood applications
  • Tubes and hoses (replacing PA12, PA11 and PA 6.12 as well as metals)
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating systems

However, its potential is enormous. In fact it could be used in any application to replace metal, reduce weight or integrate mutiple components – and then put them close to an extreme heat source.

These are just some of our ideas. As ever, we’re open to any thoughts or suggestions you might have on new ways to use this unique material.