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PA12 replacement in automotive tubes and hoses

Arnitel® offers you a proven and viable solution to PA12 for various automotive applications in pipes, hoses and beyond. In fact, in many ways, our material is actually superior to PA12…
Man holding both ends of a coiled cable

So what specifically can Arnitel offer you in automotive PA12 replacement? It starts with a proven track record in automotive for many years, including applications like brake and airbrake tubes. In fact, Arnitel fulfills all standards for brake tubes (ISO7628, DIN 73378, DIN74324, FMVSS 49CFR571.106).

Arnitel delivers you great all-round mechanical performance with excellent burst-pressure and flex-behavior as well as very good fatigue, wear resistance and creep performance. This is coupled with outstanding long-term heat resistance (collapse temperature, peak temperature and continuous-use temperature). And crucially, for a polymer, Arnitel also offers excellent chemical resistance, against oils and grease.

This unique material provides ease of processing, enabling manufacturers to reduce weight, design products with thinner walls and more compact designs - by eliminating heat shields, for example. And it’s a sustainable solution: Arnitel is plasticizer and oil free, and is fully recyclable, helping reduce carbon footprint and potentially lower costs.

Heat stability Arnitel CM622 vs PA12


Whatever the application, we offer consistent availability of Arnitel, wherever in the world you may be: As one of the world’s longest-established leaders in polymer technology, we’re backwards-integrated into caprolactam, the raw material needed to produce polymers.

Arnitel is ideal for (but not limited to) these automotive applications:

  • Airbrake tube
  • Vacuum brake tube
  • High temperature hoses
  • Metal replacement
  • Flexible metal hoses
  • High temperature flexibility
  • Flexible hoses
  • Airbrake coils