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Arnitel for PA12 replacement in industrial tubes and hoses

When it comes to PA12 replacement, Arnitel® is a proven alternative across a range of applications for industrial and multi-layer pipes and hoses – where it has been used successfully for many years and seen to actually outperform PA12 in many respects…

For industrial pipes and hoses Arnitel offers excellent performance in the most extreme temperatures along with outstanding resistance to chemicals and oils, and all balanced against great mechanical performance and flexibility. We even offer multilayer solutions for all polyamide types (PA12, PA11, PA6, PA612) with our unique Arnitel Adhesion Grade.

It’s also a sustainable solution. Arnitel is free of plasticizers (unlike PA12) and fully recyclable. Perhaps most importantly, customers love it. Arnitel has been used successfully in industrial applications like hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, for many years.


Whatever the application, we offer consistent availability of Arnitel, wherever in the world you may be: As one of the world’s longest-established leaders in polymer technology, we’re backwards-integrated into caprolactam, the raw material needed to produce polymers.

Arnitel is ideal for (but not limited to) these automotive applications:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Pneumatic hoses
  • Beverage hoses
  • Offshore
  • Gass and Oil tubes
  • Tubes
  • Industrial hoses
  • Venting tubes
  • PA12 coating
  • Coated steel tubes

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