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Arnitel: Putting manufacturers in the driving seat

Arnitel® is our family of Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers (known as TPE, COPE and TPC) ideal for many demanding automotive applications – from airducts to automotive tubes and hoses, to boots and bellows to automotive cables. In all cases this unique material gives you the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics combined with the performance of thermoset elastomers.
Man holding both ends of a coiled cable

When it comes to automotive, Arnitel delivers superior performance in a wide temperature range, excellent resistance to automotive greases and oils, and outstanding fatigue resistance both at high temperatures and sub-zero temperatures.


Arnitel is ideal for automotive applications thanks to its resistance to chemicals and oils as well as its excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent fatigue properties.

It offers extremely flexible processing: Arnitel can be injection molded, blow molded and extruded with a range of different grades available to suit individual manufacturers' conversion processes.

And Arnitel is an environmentally friendly solution: Through traditional recycling methods as well as innovative new methods of sustainability- in line with our goal of reducing carbon footprint.

Application examples

Today, Arnitel is being used in all these parts of the car to replace conventional rubbers and even some other plastics…

  • Clean air duct
  • Hot and cold charge air ducts
  • Vacuum brake & air brake tubes
  • Body plugs
  • CVJ boots
  • Wire and cable

Arnitel is the best solution for railway buffers

Arnitel is the best material in class for rolling stock buffers to its very high durability and unbeaten highest energy absorption efficiency per system weight or volume in railway buffers.

Colour full cargo train passing by

The Arnitel based buffer systems outperform traditional spring systems based on metal, rubber and/or hydraulics on durability and reliability. It is Arnitel’s outstanding creep and flexural fatigue resistance and its excellent chemical resistance against greases, oils and solvents leading to a very long, maintenance free service life in this application. Its broad operating temperature window (-60°C to 120°C) and relative constant stiffness vs temperature ensures a consistent performance under all climate conditions.

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